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Wall Art for any room

It may seem obvious but when choosing wall art for your home it’s important to consider each room separately and very specifically – because every room has its own function and feel – and the way it’s decorated needs to be led by that.

So your choices need to match the mode and the mood in which you use the space. Equally important to consider is whowill mainly be using the space and how (what looks great in big brother’s bedroom might not be ideal for a nursery for instance; what’s cute in the kitchen might seem lightweight in the living room).

Having focused on the nature of the space you’re choosing for, it’s important to keep in mind how much space you have to play with – and of course the overall colour themes you’ve already used (or that you’re planning to use).

On the other hand, if you’re starting from a home that’s a ‘blank canvas’, why not find great pictures you really love and build the rest of your décor from there! There’s only one rule here – and that’s that there are no rules.

The Thomas Kent Wall Art world is your oyster!