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Kitchen Wall Art


Kitchen Wall Art

‘The kitchen is the heart of every home’, said author Debi Mazar.

She’s quite right – especially since we all started knocking down walls and combining rooms to create free-flowing living, eating, cooking and entertaining spaces. Today’s kitchens are about a lot more than cooking and eating. They’re increasingly superseding the ‘lounge’ as the room where we live.

So to some extent, what goes for the living room wall art-wise goes for the kitchen too. What better place to make a real personal statement! The days when it was de rigeur to adorn the kitchen with old-fashioned pictures of fruit, vegetables and flowers are long gone – so have fun browsing everything our artists have to offer.

That said, you need to consider various practical issues that don’t come up elsewhere!  Today’s fitted kitchens, splashbacks, fridges, ovens and so on tend to hog the wall space so you might want to begin by looking at small to medium sized pieces. And with all that water, heat, steam and splatter around, only glazed artworks with simple and washable frames will remain things of beauty for long!