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Wall Art

Free delivery on UK mainland for orders over £40

Wall Art

It can complement a colour scheme or it can totally transform a room; it can set the tone and it can make the mood, like music for the eyes; it can be a soothing backdrop in an oasis of calm or it can be larger and louder than life, making a bold personal statement.

In the Thomas Kent collection you’ll find all this and more: inspiring artwork for every setting imaginable from still life, wildlife and floral images ideal for that country cottage feel to sweeping, majestic landscapes and seascapes… From gentle watercolours and oil paintings in the representational tradition to evocative abstracts and geometric statement pieces that play with perceptions of colour and space and bring today’s minimalist, contemporary home thrillingly to life.

Not content with traditional paper and canvas, inks and paint alone, many of our artists work in wood and metal or painstakingly hand-embellish their work. They apply layered card, metallic foil, torn paper and textiles, diamante, beads (even entire vintage watch faces in the case of the contemporary classic Watch Tree and its sister pieces by Ulyana Hammond) and other textural elements to create a compellingly tactile 3D effect that’s a feast for the fingers as well as the eyes!

You may well find the breadth and depth of choice here bewildering – but please don’t be daunted. Browse to your heart’s content and buy something you’ll love living with!