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Nigel Waller

The founder

For forty years now, Nigel Waller, the founder and creative force behind the Thomas Kent brand, has been putting art at the heart of home furnishing, supplying many of the best-known stores in the UK and throughout the world.
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Putting art at the heart of your home

Thomas Kent’s ever-evolving range of clocks, which are works of art in themselves… Now get ready to fall in love all over again, with the consumer sales debut of our inspirational yet affordable range of wall art created with the same passion, panache and a touch of eccentricity by the talented team at Thomas Kent’s North London studios, this is much more than mere décor; this is art truly worthy of your walls.
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Quirky British Design

Just like our fabulous clocks, the Thomas Kent wall range is exciting, elegant and eclectic by turns – with styles and themes to suit every taste from the riotous to the refined and restrained, yet all inspired by Nigel Waller’s unique, quirkily, quintessentially British design ethos.
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Art for Every Wall

Passionate as we are, we know it’s not art for art’s sake – this art is part of your home. So whatever your taste in decor, you’ll find something here that sits comfortably with you – and that chimes harmoniously with the latest interior design palette trends.
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You’ll find it all here

Timeless pictures in traditional styles with familiar themes such as coastal, countryside, and animal and avian life, perhaps? Maybe the madcap and mould-breaking, the abstract and edgy… Or how about a hint of humour or a dash of knowing nostalgia? You’ll find it all here – and a lot more besides.
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