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Explore the categories

Inspirational yet affordable range of clocks created with passion, panache and a touch of eccentricity by the talented team at Thomas Kent’s North London studios. This is much more than mere décor; this is art truly worthy of your walls.


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The story so far

Nigel Waller, founder of the Thomas Kent brand in 1980 and self-taught Clocksmith, drew inspiration for his first Thomas Kent clocks from the heady days of the traditional Fun Fairs in the Sixties, where the artforms of the glossy signboards and embellished artefacts adorned the rides, evoking fun and nostalgic memories to be cherished by many.

Designing today, forty years on in his North London Studio, the memorabilia of ‘days gone by’, continue to inspire the Thomas Kent brand, celebrating all tastes and aspirations from 1950’s New York glamour to more contemporary refences from British luxury, Scandinavian colour palettes into more edgy industrial and urban lifestyles.

Thomas Kent clocks enviably succeed in today’s market, not despite Nigel Waller’s unique style, but because of it. His quirkiness, passion and rebellious approach runs through everything that Thomas Kent, as a brand, achieves.

Thomas Kent clocks ~ Where art matters……

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