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Dining Room Clocks


Dining Room Clocks

The trend over recent years has been towards open plan living – so the separate dining room’s something of a rarity – but even if your ‘dining room’ is just an area of your living room/kitchen area, your choice of décor can help define it. And just like a well-chosen piece of wall art, a great clock can set the tone as well as tell the time! Some of the more traditionally inspired designs, such as the large and oversized Greenwich Timekeepers in brass and black or ivory, the oversized Clocksmith in black  and brass or the Oxford French Grey make for a commanding presence overseeing your table when it’s time to dine.

For a touch of gourmet glamour, the dining area’s a great setting for a Jewel in sleek metallic Garnet, Amber or Citrine or perhaps the ritzy Mulberry in Midnight Blue, Graphite Silver or Ivory Champagne with stunning metallic numerals and hands… For a softer, more delicate palette, go for its sister range, the Arabic, or perhaps the stressed and aged-effect Wharf clocks in Leather, Chalk White, Pickled Oak and Limestone, any of which are the perfect accompaniment to a dining space with a cool, contemporary feel in wood, brick or stone.

Finally, for that old-style country kitchen or indeed manor house banqueting hall look, there are the Crofter wall clocks: wood finishes with a rustic feel completed by painted images on the face of a stag, a hare or an Aberdeen Angus bull.