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Living Room Clocks


Living Room Clocks

Call it ‘living room’ or call it ‘lounge’, that’s where we kick back and relax – and usually it’s where we invite our friends and family so it is perhaps our most public room. For some, living room décor is all about making a personal statement; for others it’s more a case of understatement… And Thomas Kent has clocks to meet both extremes and everything in between!

There are big, dramatic statement timepieces like the classic Clocksmith Black Oversized Wall Clock, the almost Gothic majesty of the Evening Star Skeleton or the Oyster in marbled Bronze or Mint… Then there’s the sleek Art-Deco-inspired Jewel in metallic Garnet and Amber or the ingeniously designed Linear Large or Oversized Wall Clocks, whose faces shift in hue as you move past…

In contrast, we have a wealth of designs that are masterpieces of understatement: simple, unassuming, yet effortlessly stylish… like the large or mantel-size Mulberrys in subtly sophisticated Champagne Ivory or Midnight Blue, the Cotswold mantel in Denim, Slate, Snowberry,  Lemonade and Moonstone more or the cosy countryside imagery of Crofter wall clocks with their stag, Aberdeen Angus and hare painted images and the floral-pastel-painted faces of the Mini Crofters…