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Office Clocks


Office Clocks

OK, we’ve all got an efficient timekeeper on our computer screens and on our phones as well as our wrists – but despite all that, an office just doesn’t quite feel complete without an office clock!

The difference these days is that the clock’s as much a piece of wall art as a chronometer – so you can afford to indulge the team’s tastes or reflect the organisation’s ethos and brand values to your heart’s content. So, within the constraints of your office colour scheme and décor style, you’ve pretty much got free rein!

Perhaps you like the idea of making reference to the old-style office or factory clock – the kind that overlooked everything as a constant reminder that time is of the essence… If that’s the case, you’ll want something larger than life yet broadly traditional in style and inspiration. Prime candidates here would be the oversized variants of ranges such as the classic Clocksmith, the Wharf with its stressed Chalk White face reminiscent of the time-honoured factory clock and the Brass and Black Greenwich Timekeeper, which is a lustrous thing of beauty in itself, exuding a certain air of authority.

For a cosmopolitan, city slicker vibe, look no further than the sleek and shiny Oyster in metallic Mint or Bronze, the shimmering Jewel in shimmering Garnet or Amber or the stunning Linear clocks in Gold or Teal, whose vivid hues shift and change as you move around the room… But if you want a clock that chimes quietly with the office’s overall palette and tone, you’re sure to find the perfect shade among Arabic’s huge range from the likes of Clay, Seagrass, Cool Mink and Flax Blue to Hedgerow, Honey and lots more. The same goes for the smaller Cotswold or Mulberry Mantel clocks, ideal for pride of place on your desk in Moonstone or Midnight Blue, Silver Cloud or Rose Gold…

Whatever your choice, though, you might have to forgive the office team a touch of clockwatching from now on!