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Outdoor Clocks


Outdoor Clocks

Our interior environment has spilt into the great outdoors as we use the space as an alternative room to spend time with our family, loved ones or a good book. This expansion can be seen as a seamless extension of our internal living or dining room by laying a continuous floor design that flows across a threshold. Or you may want to create something unique that builds an additional habitat, with a solitary theme, to escape within.

Shaping a landscape requires thought around the creation of zones – carving out areas that are fit for a variety of purposes. From entertaining or playing to relaxing or escapism. Thought out zones allow you to build individually objectives that can be populated with ideas that span from: foliage, surface, furniture – height and width, tone and texture, all help to build towards crafting a garden landscape that is working towards an overall exterior theme.

For those outdoor spaces that are craving a touch of modern British heritage, our slender skeleton clock range, Summer House, has embraced a traditional clock design with a modern twist - drawing together elegant metalwork with roman numerals. Bring to life an exterior surface with a wall clock, and allow the natural world that it sits within, to surround it.

Our outdoor wall clocks are British weatherproof - they use materials that will withstand wind, rain, or shine.