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Oversized Clocks


Oversized Clocks

These are clocks as works of art on an epic scale. Clocks that make a statement; clocks that say it loud and say it proud!

It’s not just because they’re so big that they’re so beautiful – actually there are smaller versions of most of these designs that are every bit as gorgeous. There’s just something so thrilling about finding an artwork (because that’s what they are) you love and making it a centrepiece and a talking point in your home.

If you want your clock to define your room’s design you’ll want to go radical with something like the startling and disorienting Linear in Teal or Gold. It is possible, however, for a seriously sizeable clock to chime harmoniously with other elements of your décor. The stressed and aged-effect Wharf in Chalk White, Limestone or Leather, for example, is a very gentle giant, while even the sumptuous brass and black Greenwich Timekeeper is surprisingly unobtrusive in the right setting.

Size them up, contrast and compare – and then make room in the heart of your home for the big time!