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Retro & Vintage Clocks


Retro and Vintage Clocks

The funny thing about our retro and vintage designs is that at the same time as exuding authenticity and a sense of heritage, they have a cool contemporary feel. That’s down to our designers’ unerring eye for the ever-changing cycles of interior design; their instinct for tomorrow’s trends in the light of past vogues.

That’s how you get beauties like the Jewel in shimmering Garnet, Amber and Citrine with cool san-serif Arabic type and the clean-cut rectangular lines of the Garrick in white or graphite – both with a distinctly Art-Deco vibe in their very different ways. Meanwhile the Greenwich Timekeeper, bold in brass and black or ivory, the Greenwich Club and Clocksmith ranges all have a retro air brought bang up to date with a cool contemporary twist.

The Wharf range, on the other hand, is a whole different flavour of vintage. With weathered and aged finishes such as Leather, Chalk White, Limestone and Pickled Oak, they’re ideal for the latest contemporary room designs: think post-
industrial, think downtown converted warehouse or that urban loft apartment!