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Roman Numeral Clocks


Roman Numeral Clocks

The general use of Roman numerals died out hundreds of years ago – except on clocks, of course, where they’re still as popular as ever – simply because they look great!

Lots of our ranges feature Roman numeral variants in all sizes from the cutely compact to the large and oversized. But it’s probably on the larger designs that Roman numerals really come into their own – on those wide-open faces that give the numbers clarity and space. The big, shiny and glamorous Greenwich Timekeeper and Royal Island Large Wall Clocks are a case in point, as is the subtle elegance of the Oxford French Large Wall Clock with its numerals in gold against a cool French Grey face.

Perhaps most striking of all of the clocks featuring Roman numerals are the oversized ones, including the dramatic Greenwich Timekeeper with its brass casing and metallic hands against a high gloss black or ivory face.