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Gorgeous Green

Embracing green in an interior scheme


For 2023 our Arabic range launches Lichen Green – a deep matt shade that oozes character.

Running through the green spectrum, some tones can make a room feel grounded and vibrant simultaneously. Paint, furniture or decorative accessories are a fantastic route to introduce the colour within four walls. The versatility of the colour is staggering.


Here are some tips on how you could use green in your home:


  • Before you start on a room, research the right shade of green for your overall styling. There are many shades available, from pale mint to deep forest. What is your overarching interior theme?


  • Green can be used as an accent colour. Against a palette, green can be a powerful emphasis that adds depth and dimension to a room. Consider how green is introduced via soft furnishings or wall art.


  • Indoor plants are a great way to invite green into your home. Indoor foliage can reduce stress as it offers a sense of calm.


Thomas Kent Arabic Lichen Green


  • If you’re invested in the colour and want to create a bold statement, consider splashing a whole room with a deep shade of green to create a moody backdrop.


  • Green is paired well with other earthy tones, such as natural colours like brown, beige, and cream. Such harmonies create a sense of grounding.


  • Take inspiration from the great outdoors by incorporating textures seen in plants, trees, and landscapes.


Thomas Kent Arabic Lichen Green



Mar 15, 2023 | by Amy Parker